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  • Federal returns

  • State returns

  • Local returns

  • Child tax credit

  • Earned income credit

Small Business
  • Sole proprietorships

  • Independent contractors

  • LLCs

  • Partnerships

  • S-corporations

  • C-corporations

Tax Planning
  • Quarterly estimates

  • Refund maximization 

  • Strategic tax reductions

  • Planning for the future

The Benefits of Hiring an Expert for your Tax Preparation

In your daily life, you already have a lot on your plate without adding in the burden of preparing your annual tax return. That's why you should turn to Everett Consulting Services. We handle tax preparation on behalf of individuals who have little or no knowledge or confidence with tax laws so that they can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Error Reduction


Tax preparation in the US is a tricky business. Making an error while completing a tax return can be very common, especially if you are not an expert. This is a great reason to be partnering with a professional who can greatly reduce the chance of any error, from simple typing mistakes to more complex computational errors.

Save You Time and Money


Because a professional tax preparer knows your personal financial situation and the small details of tax laws, they can help you save money on your tax return. How? By working out whether there are opportunities for credits or deductions that you might not be aware of.

A professional can also complete this task for you in considerably less time compared to what you would spend if you did it independently — which is estimated to be around 20 hours of work!

Greater Peace of Mind


Plus, the more you use the same preparer, the more they will gain a better understanding of your financial situation. This, in turn, will put you in a much better position to ensure that your taxes are handled correctly by someone that you know and trust and who may even be able to help you in case of an audit. This, all while potentially saving you thousands. All of it with ease helping to take the stress off your shoulders.

Expert Advice


Like we've already mentioned, tax laws are complex, and making mistakes when filing a tax return can be extraordinarily easy to do. However, a professional tax preparer who knows the fundamentals of tax law, and tax preparation can give you invaluable advice and help you to identify whether you qualify for credits or deductions and which ones you would benefit you the most!

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